Start pro podnikání a franchising
Start pro podnikání a franchising

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)


Advertising rates for standard sizes:

Full page EUR 800
1/2 page EUR 600
1/3 page EUR 480
1/4 page EUR 400

Requirements for place of the advertisement:

Right/display page + 30 % from the price of the advertisement
Right display editorial + 40 % from the price of the advertisement


Editorial place means exclusive place of the advertisement smaller than full page. There is no other advertisement on the same page and the rest of the page is editorial text or pictures.

Front cover price on agreement
2nd and 3rd cover EUR 1600
Back cover EUR 1200
Prices are without VAT

Nonstandard formats:

Strips of page width placed at the bottom or in the middle (height e.g. 1-3 cm), triangles in the place, where reader is turning the page, business cards with logo, contact and activities, advertisement beside the envelope heading, junior page and other nonstandard placing (e.g. advertisement in the text). Prices on agreement.

Technical requirements:

The print is by four colour offset printer using GMG and GMI standard.
Data carriers: CD-ROM, DVD, ZIP
Required formats: preferably composite PDF always exported by postscript without inserted ICC profiles, alternatively vector graphic ILLUSTRATOR EPS with the pictures in the highest quality and resolution 300 dpi.
The advertisements must be delivered always in colour scheme CMYK!